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The People Behind the Labels


The Jansz Family - Founder

Mike & Brigit Jansz were solely responsible for the establishment of the Jansz Estate in 1995. Having lived in the area for 29 years have taught us to appreciate the natural and rugged beauty the landscape offers and the unique quality of fine wines grown at our door steps.

Operating a Commercial Landscape Company since 1984 and with over 30 years experience in the Horticulture Industry, the planting of the vineyard was an extension of what comes naturally and the passion to produce fine wine by the purest of means.

Our daughters, Lisa and Katie were the inspiration behind the Naked Range Duet Label and are a constant support and critic of our activities.

Simon Wightwick - Winemaker & Viticulturalist

A graduate of Charles Stuart University, Simon is one of the new and exciting breed of Australian winemakers who’s passion and ambition is to make fine wines that express the true characters of the region.

Simon is not only a winemaker but a skilled Viticulturalist, his vision and understanding of sustainable agriculture has shaped the plantings into a small but viable vineyard.